Top 25 best Japanese games for iPhone and iPad

Updated April, 2020: New entries added

Japan has given an awful lot to the video games business. When you think of the impact Nintendo and Sega have had on our beloved hobby with their consoles and games, or the landmark games of Capcom, Konami and Square Enix, you’ll hopefully realise why the country deserves is own Top 25 list.

Indeed, when you consider the more specific area of portable gaming, Japan has been hugely dominant. The Game Boy, the Game Gear, the PSP, the PS Vita… all products of Japan.

It’s certainly true that Japan hasn’t had quite the same impact when it comes to smartphone gaming. That’s partly down to the US origins of the iPhone and Android.

But Japan is still leaving its distinctive mark on mobile gaming. Just check out these 25 games from the Land of the Rising Sun.

There are an awful lot of JRPGs here, naturally. And even more ports. But more importantly, there’s thousands upon thousands of hours of top quality entertainment.


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