Top 25 best platformers on iPhone and iPad

Updated April 2, 2020: New entries added

The idea that platformers don’t work on smartphones is a bit of an outdated notion these days. That’s thanks to two things.

One thing is that developers have been working on the issue of vague touchscreen controls for over a decade now, and they’ve gotten rather good at designing around such a limitation. Indeed, the best ones have turned it into a strength.

And the other, more obvious reason is that it’s really easy to hook up a good controller to your iOS device these days. Seriously, just grab your nearest console controller and pair it like any other Bluetooth device. Bob’s your uncle – instant console-quality controls.

With all that established, let’s take a run through some of the very best platformers available for your iPhone and iPad. We’ve got auto runners and Metroidvanias; ports and originals; 2D, 3D and even first person perspective.

All that joins them, really, is the thrill of jumping from platform to platform. Woohoo!


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