Top 25 best racing games on Android

Updated March 12, 2020: New entries added

You no longer need to plough a bunch of coins into a giant arcade cabinet if you want to play a slick racing game. All you need is a half-way decent Android phone.

The racing game genre is a lot more diverse on mobile than it is on, say, console. Sure, we’ve got our console-grade racing sims, arcade racers and kart racers. The latest Android phones are capable of pushing some seriously impressive graphics.

But we’ve also got auto-runners, management games, and one-button casual games that all take on the trappings of the racing genre.

The following list of the top Android racing games is a lot more diverse than one that covers console racers, then. We’d almost venture to repeat the old cliche: there’s something for everyone.

No, really. Even if you couldn’t care less about cars, hate Top Gear, and wouldn’t be able to pick Max Verstappen out in a line-up. We still think you’d enjoy a good proportion of these games.

Have we left your favourite racer off the list? Let us know in the comments below.


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