Top 5 Android strategy games of 2019



Genre: Card/board game, Strategy

A brilliantly pure abstract strategy game all about building towers. Take turns with your rival (AI or human) placing blocks and moving your little character. Throw in a few special god powers (there’s a cute ancient Greece theme going on), and you have a throughly compelling, deceptively deep strategy experience. There’s even a meaty single player mode to play through, which you don’t always get in games of this type.



Genre: Card/board game, Simulation, Strategy

Evolution Board Game

By Darwin’s beard, Evolution is good. It’s a highly strategic card-based board game in which you must adapt a species for survival in a hostile world. It’s full of agonising tactical decisions, and the player who best reads the twists and turns that nature throws at you will typically come out on top. This is a game that puts the ‘mutation’ in tactical permutations.


Langrisser Mobile

Publisher: Zlongame

Genre: RPG

Langrisser Mobile

Langrisser Mobile is a highly polished JRPG with beautiful anime visuals and an epic plot. Wait a minute, it’s a JRPG? Isn’t this a feature about strategy games? Sure enough, right at the heart of Langrisser is a deep turn-based combat system that plays out like an in-depth game of Rock Paper Scissors. The result is one of the richest mobile strategy experiences of 2019 – provided you can overlook all the free-to-play stuff.



Publisher: Sega Mobile

Genre: Strategy

Revolve8: Episodic Duelling

Revolve 8 applies a fresh spin to the Clash Royale formula, with some sharp JRPG presentation and the addition of character abilities that can must be activated independently. Otherwise you’re building a deck of heroes and sending them out into real time multiplayer battles, just like in Supercell’s classic. Add in a rich 3D engine, and you’re looking at a remarkably appealing mobile strategy experience.


Dungeon Warfare 2

Genre: Strategy, Tower defence

Dungeon Warfare 2

You don’t get many tower defence games these days, so we’re willing to fold it back into the strategy genre from whence it came for the purpose of this feature. Besides, Dungeon Warfare 2 is way more strategic than the rigid lane-running of Kingdom Rush, with a wide range of tactical permutations as you construct the ultimate death-filled dungeon.

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