Top 6 best Switch games of February 2020


Darksiders Genesis

The Darksiders series has attracted something of a cult reputation as a B-list Emo-Zelda. But Darksiders Genesis takes a step back to a more zoomed-out, Diablo-like perspective.

This is no grindy action RPG though. It retains a familiar mix of exploration, puzzles, and tactile combat that fans of the series will dig. Add in the ability to play the campaign in co-op, and you’re laughing.


Metro Redux

Metro 2033 and its sequel Metro: Last Light formed two of the more interesting and atmospheric single-player first person shooters of the past decade. Now they’re here in remastered form for the Switch, and by all accounts it’s an excellent conversion.

There’s more stealth and tension to this duo of shooters than Switch players might be accustomed to from the Wolfenstein and Doom ports.


Smash Tennis

Back in the SNES days, there was quite a debate over which tennis game was better: Nintendo’s own Super Tennis or Namco’s Smash Tennis. I always sided with the latter, thanks to its four-player capabilities and the colourful variety of its courts (you could play on a beach!).

Now that Smash Tennis has joined Switch Online, you can decide for yourself. It’s still an awful lot of fun.


Vitamin Connection

Vitamin Connection is a difficult game to describe – a casual twin-stick shooter with a couch co-op angle. Oh, and mini-games. Lots and lots of mini-games, which run from beat matching to a full on tribute to the lost GBA classic Kuru Kuru Kururin.

The core game sees you (and preferably a buddy) being shrunk down and injected into a series of people and zapping away their maladies. It’s weird, but it’s also a lot of fun.


One Finger Death Punch 2

Part brawler, part frenetic rhythm action game, One Finger Death Punch 2 makes a virtue of its two-button control scheme and deliberately naff Flash game aesthetic.

The end result is a beat ’em up of real poise and quality, and a great test of your reactions. It’s not big, and it’s not clever, but One Finger Death Punch 2 will hand you your behind all the same.


Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection

This brilliant compilation brings together six classic games from the Mega Man ZX series, which launched on the GBA and DS from the early noughties. These are tight, frenetic platform shooters of the highest order, and they’re perfect for Switch.

This latest compilation adds a Casual Scenario Mode and a Save-Assist feature for those unequipped for that famous Mega Man difficulty spike, while there’s also a new leaderboard-based Z Chaser Mode.

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