Torchlight II Launches Today and May Get a Nintendo Switch Lite Focused Update

Torchlight II is available now on PS4, Xbox One, and Switch, though Panic Button may release a Nintendo Switch Lite focused update in the future.

Earlier this year, Perfect World Entertainment announced that they were partnering with Panic Button to bring Torchlight II to current generation consoles. Well, that day has finally arrived and the enhanced port is now available across Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One. Check out Torchlight II’s new console launch trailer below.

While Torchlight II for Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One contains everything players remember from the originals, Panic Button did embellish it with tweaked controls, new trophies and achievements, and some console exclusive pets. If you are playing on Nintendo Switch you will get the Unicorn Pet, PS4 players will receive the Faerie, and Xbox One players will have access to the Molten Imp.

Players are already chipping away at the game across every platform, though one thing may be on some Nintendo Switch owners’ minds: how will Torchlight II fare on the Nintendo Switch Lite. As this game has been tweaked to work in handheld mode, it will be interesting to see how the Lite’s smaller screen size impacts things. In fact, Technical Director Andy Boggs told DualShockers that the Switch version of Torchlight II may even get a Lite-focused update in the future if there is enough player demand.

“Our UI redesign, which would be the biggest thing that [Nintendo Switch Lite] would affect, we had to do that pretty early on, as you can imagine. We didn’t know what the exact specs would be at the time that we did that, but we did know that we wanted to maximize what the UI can look like on these smaller screens,” he began. “We have had the chance to visualize what that’s going to look like on the smaller handheld. In a patch we may go back, and if users find areas that are too small to read on the smaller screen we would probably look at doing an update for those.”

Boggs is happy with how the Switch port specifically has turned out though, saying “it looks really good and it’s still really playable even on the smaller screen.” Hopefully, the Nintendo Switch version of Torchlight II won’t need this update, but it is good that Panic Button and Perfect World Entertainment are already assessing their options.

If you do want to see how the game looks on Nintendo Switch, check out the screenshots below. Torchlight II is available now across PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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