Totally Reliable Delivery Service, the ridiculous sandbox multiplayer game, crashes onto iOS and Android

Gang Beasts and Human: Fall Flat are forever entangled in my mind as one cacophonous mess. Trying to recall them leads to memories of extreme pain and frustration: I hate them, they bother me so. The wobbly, wonky, drunken controls wind me up, and I’d rather play just about anything else.

Enter Totally Reliable Delivery Service, the latest game to come along in that vein – no doubt another series of aggravating disasters waiting to happen.

This one tasks you with making deliveries in a smallish sandbox city. You can do so with a similarly inept friend by your side, traversing the environment using all manner of wild transport, from missiles to fire extinguishers.

Everything is tailored for maximum comedic effect, or in my case, frustration. I’m just a tired stick in the mud, mind, and I have no doubt that 13-year-old me would be having a great time crashing into mountains and falling over for the 12th time in a row.

People seem to like this one if its user reviews on Steam are any indication, though I don’t think I’ll be rushing to play it straight away. It’s not you Totally Reliable Delivery Service, it’s most definitely me.

I suppose it’s an easier sell on mobile considering that it comes in at the very fair price of £0.00. There be IAPs, though, ranging from a quid up to a tenner.

If you’re still capable of having fun, you’ll find Totally Reliable Delivery Service available for download now from over on Google Play. The iOS and Switch versions should go live later today.

Despite my automatic aversion to games like this, I reckon it will probably be a pretty good time, solely based on the gameplay trailer above.

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