Trials of Mana is Launching This April, New Trailer

Seiken Densetsu 3’s remake Trials of Mana is launching this April on PS4, Switch, and PC.

Following an early leak from the PlayStation store, Nintendo and Square Enix revealed the release date for Trials of Mana on September 4’s Nintendo Direct. Trials of Mana launches on PC, Switch, and PS4 on April 24. The date was revealed with a new trailer embedded below.

The new trailer confirms class changes are back in this remake, and also shows more of the games iconic villains like Belladonna/Isabella. We also see multiple battles against the “Benevodons” like they’re called in the brand new official translation.

This is honestly one of the games I’m looking forward to the most in 2020. While Hiroshi Kikuta isn’t directly handling the rearranged OST, it’s really great from what we heard so far, and the original OST is included too. We should publish a preview on Trials of Mana soon too so stay tuned. We already previewed the game at E3 2019.

You can also check out our recent impressions on the original SNES game with the Collection of Mana on Switch.

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