Tropico 6 is Finally Hitting PS4 and Xbox One in September

On September 27, Kalypso Media’s Tropico 6 is coming out of Xbox Game Preview and to PS4 for the first time.

While Tropico 6 released for PC, Mac, and Linux back in March, console players have been wondering when they will get their hands on the latest entry in the dictator simulator franchise. Today, Kalypso finally revealed that September 27 will be the date that the full version Tropico 6 finally arrives on PS4 and Xbox One.

September 27 will mark the first time Tropico 6 is playable on PS4; that being said, Tropico 6 is actually available on Xbox One via Xbox Game Preview right now. That version of the game actually just received an update that not only fixed bugs, but added a random map generator to the game as well. You can check out the full list of patch notes on Kalyspo’s forums, and below you can see some new random map generator screenshots.

DualShockers reviewed Tropico 6 back when it launched and enjoyed the game, saying “while Tropico 6 remains the same in many ways from the other games within the series, it also consistently remains true to the complex and political nature that comes with ruling a nation.” You can also learn about the ups and downs of ruling a digital nation like this in a more narrative-based editorial on the game. As for what else Kalypso has in the pipeline, they are currently working on HD remasters of Praetorians and Commandos 2. 

You can check out the latest trailer for the console versions of the game below. Tropico 6 is currently available on PC and will hit PS4 and Xbox One on September 27. Pre-orders are currently open for the console versions of the game on Amazon. 

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