Undertale, Yoku’s Island Express, and More ID@Xbox Games Coming to Xbox Game Pass

Undertale, Yoku’s Island Express, and more have been revealed for the PC or Xbox One versions of Xbox Game Pass.

Every couple months, Microsoft holds an ID@Xbox Game Pass Showcase where they reveal several new titles that are coming to their monthly subscription service. This month had the added privilege of including games for the PC version of Xbox Game Pass as that version of the service started rolling out at E3 2019. This new batch of indie game is quite good as well because it includes popular title’s like Yoku’s Island Express and Undertale.

The innovative RPG Undertale made waves when it first released for PC in 2015, so it will be a great and fitting addition to the PC subscription service. It is one of 5 indie games that will only be on the PC version of the service for now. The other indie games available only on the PC version of Xbox Game Pass are the time-based platformer Timespinner, point-and-click adventure games Unavowed and Machinarium, and turn-based RPG roguelike For the King. 

Those are all solid additions to the PC version of the service, but indie games coming to Xbox Game Pass on both PC and Xbox One were also covered during the video. These games include the aforementioned pinball platformer Yoku’s Island Express, Worms W.M.D., The Banner Saga 3, Gonner, Bad North, and My Time at Portia.

You can check out the full ID@Xbox Game Pass Showcase video, which also features some interviews with other indie developers, below. If you want to pick up an Xbox Game Pass subscription, you can currently do so on Amazon. 

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