Unprecedented Pokémon Sword and Shield event unlocks version exclusives for limited time

Until now, the idea would be Farfetch’d.

Pokmon usually found only in one version of either Pokmon Sword or Pokmon Shield are being released from their self-isolation for the first time.

Dubbed the “Pokdex Completion Event” (thanks, Serebii) it will see a number of version exclusive creatures made available via Max Raid Battles in the Wild Area.

It means, for example, Pokmon Shield owners can find species like Farfetch’d and Darumaka – usually exclusive to Pokmon Sword.

Meanwhile, Pokmon Sword owners can capture species like Ponyta and Corsola – usually exclusive to Pokmon Shield.

Not all version exclusives are included (and there’s certainly no suggestion the game’s box legendaries will be made available). Still, it’s the first time I can remember version exclusives from a pair of Pokmon games being made available in a similar kind of way.

Version exclusives are designed to encourage players to trade with people who have the alternate version of the game (or buy a copy of both). But perhaps now is not the best time to be going out and doing this in person.

The event is live from today, and will run until midnight UK time on 25th March.

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