Untitled Goose Game Coming to Xbox Game Pass Next Week

Taunt humans as an annoying goose with House House’s Untitled Goose Game, coming to Xbox Game Pass next week on December 17.

Xbox Game Pass is full of great games with new (and old) games coming to the service rather frequently. The newest addition will allow you to live out your dreams as a very annoying goose as Untitled Goose Game will be available via Xbox Game Pass next week.

Announced on the official Xbox Game Pass Twitter account, House House’s goofy goose simulator will be on Xbox’s game subscription service next week. Untitled Goose Game is set to launch on Xbox One on December 17, so it is safe to assume it will be available on the service on that specific date. Mentioned in the thread after another Twitter user asked, it should be noted that this is only for the console Xbox Game Pass, not for PC.

The announcement of Untitled Goose Game coming to Xbox Game Pass is a peculiar one. Not because it will be available on the service, rather the timing of the announcement. Just this morning during this month’s State of Play from PlayStation, it was announced the game would be coming to PS4 on December 17, the same day as the Xbox One version.

Developed by indie game studio House House, Untitled Goose Game puts you in the shoes (or webbed feet) of a goose where you are given objectives to essentially annoy the inhabitants of the town. Honestly, geese freak me out, so this game seems like a nightmare to me. Especially when if they have a knife, which is exemplified in the game.

If you just cannot wait to be an annoying yet loveable goose, you can pick up Untitled Goose Game for the Nintendo Switch and PC right now. If you aren’t quite sure the life of a goose is right for you, check out our review to see what we thought of House House’s goose simulator.

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