[Update] Adrenaline is a fast, challenging racer coming soon to iOS

Updated on October 7 at 12:50 p.m: Adrenaline is now available for iOS devices: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/adrenaline-speed-rush/id1469158045

Adrenaline is a fast, challenging racer – one which can demand rapid reaction times and skilful manoeuvres at a moment’s notice. The challenge stems from avoiding incoming vehicles and hazards, as well as mastering tricky turns.

It comes to us from developer Compulsive Entertainment, and it’s now speeding toward an iOS launch after finding much success on Android. Seeing as it’s not too far away now, we figured we’d put out a little preview to give you an idea of what to expect.

There are currently two modes available in Adrenaline: Career and Quick Race. The one you’ll probably put the most time into is Career mode. This sees you progressing through a series of increasingly tricky tracks, spanning from bridges to cities to picturesque mountainsides.

The tracks start out simple enough, but before long you’ll be dealing with random debris on the road and sharp turns aplenty. Thankfully, controls couldn’t be more accessible, with only simple left and right buttons and an acceleration pedal to deal with. You can of course slow down by leaning off the acceleration, but Adrenaline is really all about going as fast as possible for as long as possible.

Money can be earned by beating the bronze, silver, and gold scores on each level, and you can use your cash to unlock improved vehicle parts or entirely new cars. Handling and performance upgrades are where you’ll sink most of your money, but there’s also the option to customise your vehicle’s paint job. Keeping it classy and elegant, I went for Pearl White on my Aversa, the fastest car in the game.

I was also pleased to find that everything is surprisingly affordable with in-game currency, meaning progression never grinds to a halt as you wait to save up for the next upgrade or improved vehicle. And that’s a very good thing indeed as Adrenaline is at its best when you’re behind the wheel of the higher-end cars. Their speed and manoeuvrability make them flat-out more fun to drive than the introductory Boxer, Mantis, and Bison. And that’s fine; it means earning those high-end vehicles feels all the more rewarding.

While there are a decent number of stages to play through (9 in total), the real draw is mastering each track and beating the developer’s best times. Getting that top spot is no small feat, and I’m looking forward to going back and topping the remaining high scores.

I’d recommend using the slower cars to learn the tracks before hopping into anything faster than the Falcon. As I say, each track has its own quirks to work around, with the level of difficulty rising comfortably throughout. By the end, you’ll likely surprise yourself with how far you’ve come and how much your driving skills have improved.

If you’re interested in an intense – though still accessible – racer, you’ll soon find Adrenaline available for download over on the App Store. Android players can download it now from Google Play. You’ll also find more information on the game over on its official site and Facebook page.

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