Upgrade your PS4 or Xbox One with a discounted WD portable hard drive

2TB and 4TB models are on sale for today only at Amazon.

Two high capacity portable hard drives from Western Digital are on sale at Amazon today, making it a great time to upgrade the storage of your Xbox One or PS4. You’ve got the choice of a 2TB model for 53, down from 75, and a 4TB drive for 83, down massively from its original price of 150. These drives are dead simple to use too – just plug them into one of your console’s USB ports, follow the on-screen instructions and within a few seconds you’ll have tons more space to keep all of your favourite games ready to play.

Even the smaller 2TB drive offers a ton of storage space for installing games. At 25GB, you could install Fortnite nearly 80 times over on the 2TB drive. Even heavy games like Destiny 2, which clocks in at 97GB, could be installed 20 times over on the 2TB drive and double that on the 4TB drive. That means even if you’re downloading and installing the latest releases, it’ll probably take years before you even have to think about uninstalling a game.

You can also pick up the drives in multiple colours if you want something a little fancy. The 2TB model comes in black, blue, white, orange, red and yellow, while the 4TB model is a little more limited – you’ll only get the deal price on the blue, white, orange and red colourways.

Just some of the fine colour choices on offer.

If you’re not sure about how to use these drives with Xbox One or PS4, don’t worry. You can find instructions from Microsoft about using external storage with the Xbox One here and instructions from Sony about using external drives with the PS4 here. The WD My Passport drives already meet the requirements – USB 3.0 and a capacity well above the 256GB minimum – so just follow the instructions provided at each company’s website to format the drives and set them as the default installation location.

While these My Passport drives are commonly used to expand storage on PS4 and Xbox One, you can also use them just fine with computers running Windows, macOS or Linux. They’re great for backing up media or transferring big files between computers, especially the 4TB capacity which should allow for full backups of most computers with software like Macrium Reflect or Clonezilla. The drives also come with software like WD Backup and WD Discovery to make backing up easier and more automatic.

We’re big fans of these drives, especially at these reduced prices. The 2TB model for 53 is a great place to start, while the 4TB drive for 83 provides the best value. If you end up getting one, let us know – and regardless, stay tuned for more deals as we begin our Digital Foundry Black Friday deals coverage over the coming weeks.

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