Upgrade your Switch storage with up to 60% off SD cards during Prime Day 2019

Get a 200GB card for just £20!

If you’re looking for a new Switch SD card then you’ll be happy to hear a handful of SanDisk cards have been reduced by up to 60 per cent as part of the two-day sale bonanza that is Amazon Prime Day 2019.

Many of these will be the perfect choice to expand the storage space available on your Nintendo Switch. After getting a few games in your library – especially bigguns such as Breath of the Wild and Mario Odyssey – you might find the internal memory running low.

The most straightforward and cheapest thing to do would be to grab yourself this SanDisk Ultra 64 GB Memory Card for a paltry £8.29. That’ll give you three times as much room as you started with and should ensure your safety for a while yet.

Install games and download from the eShop to your heart’s content.

While everything is so cheap, though, you might want to future proof yourself for a long time ahead and pick up a SanDisk Ultra 200 GB Memory Card for £20.29. With that sort of storage space, you’ll won’t have to worry about clearing out old games for a long time.

But there’s more. The gluttonous amongst us out there will absolutely want to gobble up a SanDisk Ultra 400 GB Memory Card while it’s down to just £47.99. With that, you’ll never care about running out of room ever again – probably!

The whole range of SanDisk cards are on offer, so flick through the list below to find the one that suits your needs or gaming habits:

You can find so many more great offers during Amazon Prime Day 2019, including 20 per cent off all Warehouse goods and a £10 Amazon voucher when you sign up for a 30 day free trial of Audible.

Be sure to point your browser to our Amazon Prime Day gaming deals page where you can find even more PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch offers!

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