USA Network’s Masters of Doom Casts Their Carmack and Romero

Eduardo Franco and Patrick Gibson will star as John Romero and John Carmack in USA Network’s Masters of Doom TV show.

When USA Network announced that they were moving forward with a pilot based on David Kushner’s popular non-fiction book “Masters of Doom”, many were curious to see who they’d get to play the legendary developers behind the FPS game that changed the world. Today, USA Network has revealed (via Variety) who will play those lead roles. Eduardo Franco and Patrick Gibson will portray John Romero and John Carmack respectively.

Franco (no relation to James or Dave as far as I can tell) most recently appeared in Olivia Wilde’s directorial debut “Booksmart”. He’s also worked on several TV shows like “Adam Ruins Everything” and “American Vandal”. Plus, he supposedly hasn’t cut his hair since he was 16, so he has that Romero hair game down pat. Gibson was a major part of the recently canceled Netflix series The OA. He also appeared in “Tolkien” as one of the famous authors childhood friends.

Joining the two leads in the cast are John Karna (“Valley of the Boom”), Jane Ackermann (“Neptune”), and Siobhan Williams (“Deadly Class). Karna will play Tom Hall, while Willams plays one of the first female professional gamers Stevie Cash. Ackermann plays Hannah Romero, John’s wife. Peter Friedman (“Succession”) has also signed on as Al Vekovius, a recurring guest role. Directing the cast is Rhys Thomas.

When the pilot was first announced, I was a little skeptical about how well the show would do. That said, after thinking about it more and seeing this cast, it definitely has potential as a grounded drama series. As long as they take the source material seriously, it’s easy to see this show having a successful one or two-season run.

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