Valve Burglar Summoned to Court After Stealing $40,000 in Equipment

Maybe he was looking for some kind of Half-Life 3 prototype that Valve is working on.

Shawn Shaputis broke into Valve last month and stole over $40,000 worth of games and equipment. Maybe he was looking for some kind of Half-Life 3 prototype. Or perhaps he caught wind of a Half-Life 2 update that allows NPC’s to blink and had to see it for himself (while stealing a lot of stuff). Or maybe, just maybe, he was simply stealing for stealing’s sake.

The last option seems most likely, as Shaputis already had six warrants out for his arrest when Valve charged him with burglary. He stole a FedEx truck back in July and committed a separate burglary spree just a week before in June. He somehow keeps getting out of jail only to get caught for stealing over and over again. I can’t tell if that makes him an excellent thief or a terrible one.

Shaputis has been summoned to appear in court in Washington. He’ll add to his long list of warrants if he fails to show up. He was recently seen on camera trying to sell some stolen games at GameStop.

I can’t help but wonder what Shaputis could’ve seen behind Valve’s doors. After all, they did just release an update for Half-Life 2 15 years after it came out. What could they possibly be thinking about?

That update also fixed some bugs surrounding saving, combine soldier audio, and entering the settings menu while SteamVR is running. Every Half-Life 2 title got this treatment: Half-Life 2, Half-Life 2: Episode One, Half-Life 2: Episode Two, Half-Life 2: Lost Coast, and Half-Life: Source. I’m not saying this signals Half-Life 3 on the horizon or anything, but I would be surprised if this was a completely independent update with no attachments to any projects in the works. We’ll be sure to let you know if anything develops further with Shaputis or Valve in general.

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