Valve Studio Orchestra Brings More Game Music to Spotify

Valve has a history of great games, and now the music of those titles is available on Spotify for free. As long as you don’t mind ads.

Something interesting happened recently – I started playing Team Fortress 2 again. And while the game itself is still great, one thing stood out that I never recognized before. Team Fortress 2 has an incredible soundtrack. In fact, no matter what Valve game you play, you’ll find powerful music. Each one has the power to bring you back to a scene, or perfectly encapsulate a character. And now, a couple of Valve’s soundtracks are available to anyone.

Revealed through the Valve Studio Orchestra’s first tweet, you can now jam out to the music of Team Fortress 2 and Dota 2 whenever you want. The Orchestra now has its own artist page on Spotify, where you can listen to every track for free – if you’re ok with dealing with ads. And just like that, I’ve added Rocket Jump Waltz and More Gun to my gaming playlists.

If those two games aren’t really your speed, don’t worry, more tunes are on the way. The Valve Studio Orchestra is behind the music for most games that the company’s made. And while these soundtracks aren’t present yet, it’s fair to expect that you’ll be able to find OST’s of the Left 4 Dead games and Counter Strike: Global Offensive on there soon. Sadly, there’s no mention of Half-Life in there, so the possibility of those pounding sci-fi tracks coming to Spotify any time soon is murky.

That being said, there’s still plenty to listen to and enjoy. And if you’re looking for more great content from Valve, I hear they came out with a great game called Half Life: Alyx. You can check out our review of it here.

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