Warframe's limited-time Dog Days event is all about summery super-soaker beach fun

Digital Extremes has tossed off its t-shirt, donned inflatable ring, and run giggling toward the ocean, super-soaker in hand, for Warframe’s latest limited-time event, Dog Days.

Dog Days is a new Tactical Alert mission that arrives in celebration of summer, and is available on PC now until 4pm BST on 12th August. It’s an arena-style challenge, set among golden sands and vibrant blue waters, that pits a team of Tenno against a band of beach-going Grineer.

Mods, Pets, and Abilities are all forbidden within the Dog Days arena, but participants do get to a fetching rubber ring around their mid-rifts, and are armed with high-powered super-soakers to aid in their seafront slaughter. Soaktrons, as the aquatic weapons are known, must be replenished at water fountains periodically to remain functional, and the team that secures the most kills when the timer runs out is declared the victor.

Dog Days features four missions, each offering different rewards:

  • Mission 1: 50,000 Credits and Redeemer Abysso Skin
  • Mission 2: 50,000 Credits and Hydroid’s Relay Scene
  • Mission 3: 50,000 Credits and Hydroid Reprise Noggle
  • Mission 4: Orokin Reactor and Stratos Emblem

Additionally, unique currency earned during a match can be exchanged at Nakak in Cetus to acquire extra rewards. These include Floofs, Captura Scenes, Sigils, Emblems, and Noggles.

Tenno eager to feel the sun on their skulls and the damp upon their pants can get stuck into Dog Days immediately on PC. Digital Extremes says that Xbox One, PS4, and Switch players will be able to enjoy the event “at a later time”.

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