Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate Officially Announced for PS4, Switch, and PC, New Collaboration Character Teased

Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate is 75% complete, will let you use any Sacred Weapon with any character, explanation of the new Infinity Mode.

Following a teaser trailer and later on, an Amazon shop listing leak, Koei Tecmo has officially announced Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate in this week’s Famitsu magazine.

In Japan, Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate is known as Orochi Musou 3 Ultimate. The game will release in Japan in December on PS4 and Switch for 7800 Yen plus tax. The game’s Japanese PC version will launch in February. Players who already own the original Warriors Orochi 4 will be able to get the Ultimate version for a reduced price of 4800 Yen plus tax.

Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate‘s western release date estimate, possibly along with an Xbox One version, should be announced on August 30 as Koei Tecmo America hinted in a tweet.

As we previously mentioned, Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate introduces two new characters. The first one is Gaia. Gaia is described as the mother earth goddess of Olympus. She’s an elegant goddess who leads everyone to victory, and also has the power to manifest the memories held inside places and locations. Her profile also mentions how she lost her physical body long ago in exchange for creating large parts of the world. Gaia’s seiyuu wasn’t revealed.

The other “new” character is Jeanne d’Arc, who already appeared in Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate, and is initially from Bladestorm. Jeanne d’Arc’s seiyuu is Yumi Toma.

The Famitsu magazine feature also mentions Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate ‘s development is 75% complete.

Famitsu magazine also included an interview with Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate Producer Tomohiko Sho. The most important part is how Tomoshiko Sho teased Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate will include a new collaboration character besides Bladestorm‘s Jeanne d’Arc. The character’s identity will be revealed later. The character will be either someone who already appeared like Jeanne d’Arc, Dead or Alive‘s Ayane, etc, or a brand new addition. Tomohiko Sho stressed out that they wish to properly portray the character, and not only add them to further increase the number of characters.

In the interview, Tomohiko Sho also mentioned how Gaia fights using the giant arms of Hecatoncheires. Gaia can multiply the arms endlessly and she basically goes Hokuto no Ken on her enemies. He also mentioned that Gaia is much stronger than Orochi 4′s Zeus, which makes sense mythology-wise.

Tomohiko Sho also mentioned characters in Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate will now be able to freely use any Sacred Weapon. Brand new Sacred Weapons will be added in the game as well. The game also has new Magic mechanics, and a new mechanics called Musou Switch Combo, which connects characters’ Musou Ranbu attacks.

Tomohiko Sho also revealed you can directly transfer your save from Warriors Orochi 4 to Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate. This isn’t surprising as it was always the case with older Ultimate versions of traditional Musou games. He also mentioned there are two new modes:

The first new mode is “Infinity Mode”. You pick a team of 3 characters, and you must survive and break through an ever-changing battlefield map with powerful enemies in it.

The second new mode is actually 2 new courses for “Challenge Mode”, which was added to the original game via DLC. These new courses, “God’s speed” and “Destruction”, will have an online ranking, allowing you to compete against players worldwide.

Some screenshots were also included in Famitsu and can be found below.

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