Warsaw Makes History With Release Approval by German USK

Warsaw from Pixelated Milk and Gaming Company will now be releasing for PC on October 2, 2019.

Polish developer Pixelated Milk and its aptly named publisher Gaming Company confirmed today that Warsaw, their tactical RPG about the Warsaw Uprising, will finally be releasing for PC on October 2, 2019. While this is a slight delay for Warsaw, the release date is extremely fitting for the game as October 2 was actually the final day of the real Warsaw Uprising. That’s notable unto itself, but Warsaw also cemented itself as a historic title in both Germany and Poland today because it has been approved for release in Germany by the German USK.

For those of you who don’t know, German USK is the ratings system from the German Entertainment Software Regulation Body, basically their equivalent to the Entertainment Software Association’s ESRB in the US or the Interactive Software Federation of Europe’s PEGI. As a game that directly deals with the Nazi’s invasion of Poland during World War II, it doesn’t shy away from showcasing historically accurate symbols associated with the Nazi party. Even in other western games, the German USK can be quite strict on this imagery until recently, but they are allowing Warsaw to release in the country with a “16 and above’ rating.

Circling back to the delay, Producer Krzysztof Paplinski clarified what exactly this additional time will allow the developers to do while also tying in Warsaw’s historical accuracy. “With Warsaw, we wanted to create a game both culturally significant and great to play. With the originally planned release date approaching, we needed a few more weeks in order to deliver the best possible experience for players and to ensure we do our history justice.” DualShockers had the chance to try out Warsaw earlier this year at PAX East, so you can see our thoughts on that build. 

A new trailer for the game showcasing how countries around the world reacted to it was also released, so you can check that out below. Warsaw is now set to release for PC on October 2, 2019 and will be coming to PS4 and Nintendo Switch as well sometime afterwards.

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