Widow's Sky is a gorgeous sci-fi adventure coming to mobile later this year

Widower’s Sky follows a father and son across an otherworldly sci-fi landscape, in an isometric adventure that blends platforming, puzzles, and survival elements, slated to release on mobile devices in the fall.

Leaping through portals, from one alien world to another, you must wield a bow and your evasive dash ability to hunt wildlife and manuver around aggressive laser beam-firing machines. A narrative divided between past and future slowly converges as you explore different enviroments – from dense forests to elegant ruins – and leap over massive gaps between towering architecture, all while collecting food to keep your son alive.

Widower’s Sky doesn’t have a concrete release date yet but is slated to release on iOS and PC this fall. You can find more details, screenshots, and footage on the game’s official site.


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