Win the Chance of a Trip to Space for Real Just by Playing Warframe

Warframe devs Digital Extremes are running a competition that will see the winner bag themselves a $250,000 check so they can experience space

If you have ever dreamed of getting off this crazy planet and soaring through the great beyond of space, then you are in luck as Digital Extremes, the developers behind the free-to-play cooperative action role-playing game Warframe, are making those dreams reality by running a competition that will allow one winner to snag a check for $250,000 to put towards a trip to space. For your chance of getting your hands on this huge heap of dosh is pretty simple – play the game. For every day you log on and play, you’ll gain an entry into the draw so this will be a breeze for those who are already big fans of the game.

There is a catch with this competition however and that’s if you do end up winning, you’ll have to pay taxes on that $250,000, of course, so the flight isn’t technically totally free. Not only that but don’t expect Digital Extremes to organize the space flight for you either, that’s on you. Thankfully though, Virgin Galactic offers a 90-minute space flight for exactly $250,000 which seems to be the cheapest you can shoot your butt into space for so you won’t have to shell out as much as gaming titan Richard Garriott did when he spent $30 million for his chance of being a space tourist last year.

Nowhere does it state that the money needs to be used on a space flight so, in my opinion, you may be better off putting the money towards purchasing a nice home with an epic gaming room where you never have to leave and play Elite Dangerous, No Man’s Sky, Stellaris or Warframe – which is free –  all day long! I mean, who really among us could afford to spend that much money on a single experience but who am I to be the crusher of space dreams.

The competition is running from now until December 31, 2019, at 11:59 PM ET. To enter, go to the Warframe website anytime during the promotion period and follow the steps indicated.

Check out the video for Warframe – Become the First Real Space Ninja, below –

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