WWE Games Responds to Backlash Received From the Release of WWE 2K20

After all of the backlash, WWE Games has released a statement saying that it is working on investigating all the issues surrounding 2K20.

If you are an avid Twitter user and follow plenty of people in the video game industry or just followers of video games in general, you have probably seen some funny images or videos from WWE 2K20. The release version of the game has been riddled with issues and fans of the series have taken to the internet to share their experiences. WWE Games has heard the response and shared that it is working on investigating those concerns.

On the WWE Games twitter account, the studio shared that they are listening to user feedback. The studio also shared that players can expect to release a patch sometime in the next two weeks and that players should stay tuned to its social media channels for more information. You can view the tweet for yourself below.

WWE 2K20 has been absolutly bashed by critics across media outlets. Dualshockers is also one of those outlets that has joined in on the bashing. Michael, our reviewer, stated that the game is just as messy as the real-life programming of WWE. He stated that the game is riddled with bugs and even included a few videos of them within the review.

This has been a pretty weird last few weeks for some big titles. Usually, if a game has a big enough budget, they can squeeze out a pretty decent product. I mean, Ubisoft of all companies usually doesn’t produce bad games. But, according to some critics, the release of Ghost Recon Breakpoint has been awful to say the least, depending on who you ask. It just goes to show that just because a studio has a big budget for a title, it doesn’t mean that they can turn that into a great product.

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