Xbox Backward Compatible Versions of DOOM and DOOM II Made Harder to Re-Download After Arrival of New Ports

The Xbox 360 versions of the first two DOOM games are now harder to re-download snag in light of the new ports being released specifically for Xbox One.

Earlier today, Bethesda and id Software released DOOMDOOM II, and DOOM 3 on PS4, Xbox One, and Switch to celebrate the franchise’s 25th anniversary. Bethesda said it wanted to bring all three games over to platforms that have never had them before, which is mostly true.

For some on Xbox One, they may have already owned all three games as backward compatible titles from the Xbox 360 that could still be played on Xbox One. After the new ports specifically for Xbox One released though, those that already owned the 360 versions found that they no longer had the option to install the games directly onto their Xbox any longer via the console’s “Ready to Install” menu. This made many initially think that Bethesda entirely removed the backward compatible versions of the games in order to force players to buy the new ports instead.

Well, those 360 versions you may have picked up years ago are still available to download again on Xbox One, but it seems that the process to do so has now just been made all the more complicated. On Reddit, user mwoodj clarified that all of the games are still present, but you just have to perform a rather odd workaround to now get them back on your console.

Here’s apparently what you now need to do:

You can redownload them. Go to the Doom or Doom II club (one easy route is by finding the achievements on your profile) and select “See in Microsoft Store” from the main page of the club. It should say “You own this game” and the install button should be available.

Another approach is if you have the games in your recent played or recently updated/installed lists. If you try to start them from there it will pop up a dialog with a button to see the game in the store. You can then install from there.

I inserted my Doom 3 BFG edition disc and that queued up all 3 games so that is another method to install.

Even though I generally like Bethesda a lot, this seems pretty shady to me. I don’t know if they intentionally hid the backward compatible versions of these past games from the download libraries of some players to encourage them to buy the new ports, or if instead, this is all just a weird error on the Microsoft Store’s part. I’m inclined to believe the former is more true than the latter, but I guess there’s no way to tell right now. Hopefully, those 360 versions will show back up more easily moving forward.

The new ports of DOOM and DOOM II are $4.99 apiece on all platforms while DOOM 3 comes in at $9.99.

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