Yacht Club Games Wants to “Approach Things Differently” from Shovel Knight to Develop New IP

With the studio at work on new IP, Yacht Club Games says it wants to take a different path in how it develops its upcoming projects.

Coming off the success of Shovel Knight, the path ahead for developer Yacht Club Games seems especially full of possibility. As one of the most successful games to come out of crowdfunding through Kickstarter, the success of Shovel Knight has led to several spin-offs and new projects set in the game’s world, alongside multiple expansions of the original game. However, while the studio is working on two new titles that seem to be brand new IP, the studio seemingly wants to take a different approach when it comes to developing these titles compared to how it worked on Shovel Knight.

Speaking in an interview at PAX East, Yacht Club Games artist Sandy Gordon shared a bit of insight into what the future holds for the studio after it revealed a number of new projects that it is working on. Specifically, as revealed in the studio’s Yacht Club Games Presents broadcast earlier this week, Yacht Club has new IP in the early stages of development that would presumably feature a new world, story, and characters from the Shovel Knight series.

While Gordon couldn’t confirm just yet what those projects will actually look like, he did explain that in terms of development, Yacht Club wants to “approach things a little bit differently this time around” compared to how it created Shovel Knight. Specifically, when asked on whether these projects would have a similar timeline and long-term approach to development, Gordon explained that this most likely wouldn’t be the case for Yacht Club’s new projects.

The length of Shovel Knight‘s development, according to Gordon, came from the fact that “a lot of the campaigns that came after Shovel Knight: A Shovel of Hope were based on Kickstarter promises that ended up just kind of getting fulfilled and then some, so to speak.” He added that for these new projects, “we’re just gonna try and focus on building a quality core experience as its own thing.” However, he stated that “it’s still too early to tell if we’re gonna have DLC or anything like that,” compared to the multiple expansions and other content release for the original Shovel Knight.

Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove is available now on consoles, handhelds, PC, and other platforms, with Shovel Knight Dig and Pocket Dungeon currently in development by Yacht Club Games.

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