Yakuza: Like a Dragon Keeps on Selling, SEGA Celebrates with Sale on Japanese PSN

The latest entry in SEGA’s Yakuza series continues to see high sales. To celebrate, SEGA is offering a discount on the digital version.

The latest entry in SEGA’s gangster-themed Yakuza series, Yakuza: Like a Dragon is seeing great sales over in Japan and Asia. It topped the charts the first week of its release and today, SEGA reported that sales continue to be strong. This new entry has now sold over 400,000 copies. To celebrate this new milestone, the game’s digital version will be receiving a nice 30% off discount from now until March 10th.

Like a Dragon follows a new protagonist, Ichiban Kasuga, as you explore Yokohama and multiple cities including the series’ recurrent fictional recreation of Kabukichō called Kamurocho. Whereas the previous entries were more action-oriented, LAD has shaken things up by being a turn-based RPG. It’s been a nice surprise to see that despite such a dramatic shift away from the norm, LaD has been well received by fans and critics alike. The game is being heavily supported by SEGA, with a harder difficulty and the addition of a New Game + coming soon. With these sorts of sales numbers, I don’t see that support wavering anytime soon, either.

Western fans are still waiting for their chance to explore Like a Dragon. Luckily though, we do have confirmation that it is coming in 2020. After not seeing much success during the PlayStation 2 era of titles, it thrills me that the series has grown in popularity over here. And the fact that with the recent release of the HD Remasters of Yakuza 3 – 5, now new and old players alike, can play all the mainline games on their PS4s.

If you don’t want to wait though, and want to take advantage of the sale on the Japanese PlayStation Store, check out our extensive guide on how to setup and maintain a Japanese PSN account! Fans of the series can also listen to the series’ soundtracks over on Spotify, helping you get in the mood for the new game.

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