You Can Now Win An Xbox One X With The Taco Bell Jingle

Have a chance at winning a special Taco Bell themed Xbox One X bundle just for buying some fast food for only five dollars.

Yesterday, Xbox began their collaboration with Taco Bell where customers have a chance to win an Xbox One X. This isn’t your average everyday console, however. Instead of the normal beeps and boops that players hear when turning on the system, you will hear the Taco Bell Jingle. I don’t even eat at Taco Bell often and that’s super cool.

Xbox One X Eclipse Bundle

By purchasing a five-dollar chalupa box from the fast-food restaurant, you will be given a code that can be submitted by text or the game’s website. Along with the Xbox One X is the upcoming Xbox One Elite Series 2 controller as well as six months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate together as a bundle. Each registered account can only submit one code a day where you’re immediately told whether or not you have won a prize, but you must be 18 or older to win.

Taco Bell in the past has worked with both Microsoft and Sony in the past. Last year, the two companies gave away platinum Xbox One X consoles while PlayStation gave away gold original PlayStation 4s back in 2015. These types of giveaways are so awesome to me because they’re rare to the point that there will be no other way of getting the console unless you go online and pay a pretty penny. If you’re trying to get lucky, the Xbox giveaway will be running now until November 24 next month. Taco Bell, Live Mas.




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