You Didn’t Know PUBG Needed Gritty Lore, but this New Trailer Proves Otherwise

PUBG has a story now? Season four brings a number of new changes to the granddaddy of the battle royale craze.

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds took the world by storm a few years ago and helped kick-off the battle royale craze in the process. The PUBG team is nearing the release of their fourth season and have put together a gripping cinematic trailer that hints at the backstory of the original map. Check it out for yourself below.

The trailer shows a young boy living on an island in 1965. A force invades and drops bombs throughout the countryside, killing the land and people. When the dust settles, the boy is the first lone survivor of Erangel. He “will not be the last.” Over time, the boy becomes the mastermind behind the battleground, pitting hundreds of players against each other in a fight to the death.

The team could do quite a bit with this setup. That said, battle royale games don’t usually lend themselves to a complex overarching narrative. I don’t play a lot of PUBG anymore. However, I’ll be watching to see if they actually do anything with this setup outside of the new skins from the Survivor Pass.

Either way, season four is bringing a number of changes, most notably a major overhaul of the Erangel map. It will update some of the visuals and modify different building complexes to freshen up the original map. There is a smorgasbord of gameplay tweaks and updates coming. If you’re interested, you can read them all in the official patch notes.

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds is out now on Android, iOS, PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Season four starts July 24.

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